Auxiliary equipment list

As an industrial furnace manufacturer, Sun Furnace offers a range of peripheral equipment, special devices, and control devices designed to meet specific heat treatment needs. Whether for pre-treatment or post-treatment processes, we provide tailored solutions to enhance the performance of our furnaces.

Conveyor equipment

Installation of a conveyor system that enables automatic feeding of the products through a pusher mechanism at the corner area.

Products on the tray to be processed are conveyed by self-driving rollers and transferred by the pusher mechanism at the position of direction change without human intervention. The setting of trays will be conducted at a fixed position, simplifying the operational work.

Conveyor equipment
Conveyor equipment

Sun Furnace Co., Ltd. offers conveyor equipment capable of continuous loading of products into the hopper, including the function of crushing the products on the tray.

The products on the tray are transferred to the hopper to proceed to the next process. Manpower savings are possible by crushing the products in the tray, changing the direction of the tray, and/or feeding it into the hopper automatically.

Conveyor equipment
Dust collector

The dust generated during heat treatment must be collected.
A dust collector that ensures the safety of the working environment is required.

The dust collector collects the dust generated during or after heat treatment. It is used when handling materials that have an impact on human health or materials that cannot be discharged outside without proper treatment, to ensure a safe working environment.

Dust collector
Deodorizing device

Deodorizing equipment that deals with odors that would be produced during heat treatment and improves the working environment.

After the degreasing process, the binder in the furnace atmosphere is burned off by a burner to improve the working environment.

Deodorizing device
Exhaust gas combustion device

The exhaust gas combustion device improves the environment inside the furnace by burning binders and scales.

By burning the binders and scales that are discharged during heat treatment, the device can prevent adhesion to the products and inside the furnace, reducing the need for furnace cleanup.

Exhaust gas combustion device
Exhaust gas combustion device

Improves the working environment by removing ammonia gas.

Ammonia gas produced during heat treatment is eliminated by incinerator equipped with a slow combustion device. By detoxifying, this exhaust gas combustion device can ensure the safety of the working environment.

Exhaust gas combustion device
Control panel

Sun Furnace Co., Ltd. can offer control panels that enable control of the required heat treatment according to customer requirements.

Sun Furnace Co., Ltd. can customize control functions to meet the customer’s needs.
This control panel enables control and monitoring of the entire system during operation, using a graphical touch panel device.

Control panel
Nitrogen generator

A nitrogen generator (PSA: pressure swing adsorption) is a device that produces nitrogen from the atmosphere through a catalyst.

There is no need to replace cylinders or bottles during the use of ammonia decomposition gas and also there is no need to install a tank to store by-products. Therefore, it does not require a large installation space for this equipment.

Nitrogen generator

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caseProblem solving examples

We will introduce case studies of how we have resolved various issues and concerns that our customers have faced.


Consolidate multiple industrial furnaces, control panels, and transport equipment, including existing equipment to improve the safety and efficiency of the work environment.

By installing 8 furnaces facing each other and laying a rail in the middle of 4 furnaces in a row, this transfer system can secure the transfer route for loading and unloading of the products and transfer the products to the next process. This transfer system can control a total of 8 furnaces collectively.

to improve the safety and efficiency of the work environment

Issues before introduction

  • Since each furnace and its transport device were one complete unit, they had to be controlled one by one.
  • Operators had to conduct constant monitoring, since multiple furnaces were operated at different times.

Effects after introduction

  • Secured the safety of workers and improved work efficiency by changing from a manual to an automatic system.
  • Since each furnace and transfer device can be handled collectively, the installation space was effectively saved.

Can reduce loss time by individually managing the heat treatment for wide variety and small quantities of products.

By managing each product with an individual identification number, different heat programs can be applied depending on the product’s shape.This management system can save operation time.

reduce loss time

Issues before introduction

  • Products of different sizes had to be placed in the same case.
  • The heat treatment time had to be adjusted based on the size of the products.

Effects after introduction

  • Products of different sizes can now be identified using their assigned identification number.
  • This identification number and heat treatment information are included in the program, making the treatment status and operation clear.

Q&AFrequently asked questions about auxiliary equipment

At the time of the new equipment installation , no incidental equipment was installed, but is it possible to add auxiliary equipment later if necessary?
We will make a proposal after considering the usage situation and requests of the customer. In some cases, we have been able to increase the capacity of the heater or modify the industrial furnace to better suit the customer’s needs.
Is it possible to apply automatic transportation system for the processed products?
We will take into account the shape and conditions of use of the processed material and propose a suitable transportation method.
Is it possible to customize the control panel according to customer’s requirements?
We will tailor our program to each customer’s heat treatment method, and we will listen to your requests during our meeting and make a proposal that meets your needs.